Phone Tech News

People that know me are aware that I can be a little bit Thrifty at times. When news of new phones comes out from either Samsung or Apple it doesn’t have much effect on me because I’m using the Kyocera.  I know this is of great interest to many people and I understand the news but I don’t feel compelled to spend $600 for something that does the same job is something that you can spend $40 or even receive for free is part of an incentive for getting a phone package. I will review phones in this area but I’ll review them all the $40 ones and the $600 ones so stay tuned

Update – 01/24/2019

Samsung S9

Due to an offer I could not refuse, I now own a Samsung S9 thanks to T-Mobile.  It is better than a $40 phone.  I have always believed that when technology works, it gets out of the way.  That is what has happened.  I do not think of my phone at all anymore.  I do not wonder whether an app will run or if there is enough space for an app I need.   It was changed the way I use the phone as well.  Certain tasks previously I would cast aside the phone and use a computer.  There are times I still prefer using a computer, but for the most part everyday tasks are done with the phone.